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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What are the different types Server?
    • Basic Good for downloading; available for everyone with large volume of users connecting at a time.
    • Premium Good for downloading & streaming; available for everyone with medium volume of users connecting at a time.
    • VIP Good for gaming & downloading; available for everyone with small volume of users connecting at a time.
  • How can I donate?
  • Can I extend my SSH / OpenVPN / SoftEther account?
    • Yes you can always extend your account using our website for 1 day, or ask in our official thread for 7 days extension.
    • Please note that some server accounts although free, are non-extendable. This is because they are expensive to maintain. The only way to extend your account here is by donating beer.
  • Why I can't find & get code to private, sponsor & solo server?
    • Those servers are exclusive only to Moderators, Administrator, Friends, Relatives, Donors and Sponsors.
  • What do you mean by beer and how much is the 1 liter beer?
    • Beer is digital money
    • This is refers to price of 1 liter beer on user country. On PH 1 liter beer is around 2 USD.
  • I forgot my account details, is there a way to retrieve it?
    • Yes, follow instruction below:
      • SSH: Navigate SSH > Get Account Info
      • OpenVPN: Navigate OpenVPN > Get Account Info
      • SoftEther: Navigate SoftEther > Get Account Info
  • Where can I extend my account?
    • Follow instruction below:
      • SSH: Navigate SSH > Extend Account
      • OpenVPN: Navigate OpenVPN > Extend Account
      • SoftEther: Navigate SoftEther > Extend Account
  • Where can I download my OpenVPN configuration and get private key for my account?
    • Follow instruction below for downloading configuration:
      • OpenVPN: Navigate OpenVPN > Download Config
    • If you forgot your private key you can get it by getting your account information discussed above.
  • I am interested on having my own panel and registration site like LibreVPN?