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Wednesday, December 01, 2021 02:36:29

Recent updates

Configs / Payloads Kindly visit https://filedrop.xyz for configs / payloads.

Account deletion, if user's has no feedback on our thread(s) or expired for 3 days Accounts that are not giving feedbacks on our thread(s) will be removed.
Accounts that are expired for 3 days will be temporary deleted to our server, after 15 days of unattended accounts will be deleted permanently.

Extend Account (Unlimited) We are giving free seven (7) days account extension.
You can only request for extension if your account is expired or one (1) day before your account expiration date.
You are given a chance to process it within 72 hours or 3 days from the date your account expired.

Server Donators Server donators will get free ssh / openvpn / softether server setup, after seven (7) days maturity of the donated server to avoid bogus.


Torrenting & Illegal activities Torrenting is not allowed in our servers.
Illegal activities activities such as child porn, carding, DDOS, hacking, and other illegal stuffs are not allowed.

Failure to extend Failure to extend within 72 hours from expiration date of user's account will result to account temporary deletion, after fifteen (15) days unattended accounts will be permanently deleted to the server.

Multiple Login We are not allowing multi login at a certain time.

One (1) account per server All user must have one (1) account on each server, you can use one username for all servers.

Gaming Server User in gaming servers must observe their bandwidth, we only allow a total of 2GB/day or 60GB/month.